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Current Lectures

Spring 2024 Friday Night Lectures

7:30pm Tea & Coffee | 8:00pm Lecture

Join us for our autumn lecture series in-person or on Zoom. If you are attending in person, please come to the Manor House at 7:30pm for coffee and dessert. Otherwise, click the link below to join us on Zoom (password is 'Lecture').

19th January

The Apocalypse in an Hour

Phillip Johnston, Hope Church and former L’Abri worker

The Bible’s final book was given to reveal, not conceal. This lecture will walk through the entire book of Revelation and seek to reclaim it as such. For a head start, read Daniel 7 and Matthew 23-24:35 beforehand.

26th January

Contemporary Therapist Dan Siegel: What is Interpersonal Neurobiology?

Dr Richard Winter, Psychiatrist, Seminary Professor, Former L’Abri Worker

Dan Siegel is a very influential psychiatrist/therapist in the USA. He loves to weave together insights from many disciplines and has written numerous books on how we can change our brains, families, and culture: Brainstorm: the power and purpose of the teenage brain, Parenting from the Inside Out, Mindsight, The Yes Brain Child… We will be exploring his ideas and finding significant places of agreement and disagreement with a Christian view of life.

2nd February

Love and Agreement

Priscilla Leigh, Life Coach, Youth Leader HTB

It seems that our culture often confuses love and agreement and as a result, more than ever, we are seeing a spreading “cancel culture” and the liberal use of the term “hate speech” where the word “discourse” would perhaps have sufficed in times past. In this lecture, Priscilla shares some thoughts on this matter and a helpful framework with which to consider love and agreement.

9th February


16th February

Remember the Lord, your God: Reflections on memory and faith

Lili Reichow L’Abri South of Brazil 

How often do we forget who God is, what He has done, and what He has promised to those who love Him. To be able to remember the Lord seems essential to a healthy Christian life. In this talk, we will reflect on how memory and faith intersect, as we seek to grow in the knowledge of our God.

23rd February

Parenting and Cinema

Joel Wilson, Filmmaker

I’m a filmmaker and a dad. What were the key things that shaped your worldview as a child? Did one of your parents taste in music impact how you saw the world/your values/your style? How about films? Did your carer take you to watch films? What impact did that have on you? As a parent who loves cinema there's a temptation to try to get my daughters to watch what I believe are key formative films. I will talk about the 5 films my parents got me to watch as a kid and how it impacted my whole life.

2nd March 



‘Living Our Best Lives’: Navigating Choice and Contentment 

From the multiverse to the mundane, what can we learn from film about our modern day relationship to choice? Why can it feel like there is so much pressure on our choices? Why is it hard to be at peace with what we choose and to stop roaming through endless other possibilities? What narratives that we see in film are fuelling these struggles with choice; and does a christian framework relieve us of some of its burdens while restoring its joys?

A full schedule and sign-up information will be sent later this month.

8th March

Doorway to Artistry

Esther Meek, Author

Everyone is a philosopher and everyone is an artist, but our modern mindset discredits both philosophy and artistry. This lecture will offer a philosophical reorientation to who we are, what reality is, and how it is we are involved with it, particularly in our artistry. 

15th March

Comprehensive Spirituality

Ellis Potter, Pastor & Evangelist, Former L’Abri Worker

UK book launch of Ellis’ latest book, “Comprehensive Spirituality”

If we grow spiritually, what would that look like? Do we become more transcendent and less visible? Is an awareness of and participation in the supernatural all that is involved in spiritual growth? This book explores the spiritual nature of people as originally created by God and the spirituality of the resurrected Christ. It helps people to understand the Lordship of Christ over all of life.

22nd March

A Better Paganism

Jim Paul, L’Abri Worker

I have been fascinated by the recent conversion to Christianity of two high profile eco-activists (apologies for the imprecise term) - Paul Kingsnorth and Martin Shaw. Both have found their longings for a spirituality of nature, as well as their critique of modernity, satisfied in Jesus Christ. Using CS Lewis’s essay ‘A Christmas Sermon for Pagans’, I want to explore what has drawn these two to Christ and ask whether Christianity is a better paganism.

29th March


Dirk Jongkind, Fellow St Edmunds College & Academic Vice Principal Tyndale House Cambridge

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